St Ignatius

Headmaster Desk (Tribute 4 2017)



Dear Parents and Guardians

Warm greetings to you all. We are happy to report that the year 2017 has ended peacefully. We are looking forward to 2018.

The public and internal examinations went on well.


There was adequate syllabi coverage in most of the learning areas.


Their performance has slightly gone down. The stream can produce better results if they get focused. Only two learners managed to get into the honours roll as compared to 6 last term. One learner failed to get an overall of 50% or better.

They are encouraged to study hard and make less noise.


Impressive performance. Their overall average of 68.1% is very encouraging. Only one learner failed to get an overall average of 50% or better.


The stream did not do well this term. Their overall average of 61% is below last term’s 63.7%. They need to work very hard to improve their pass rate. Only three managed to make it into the honours roll as compared to 15 last term. Need to improve in Geography, Accounts and Agriculture. The last boys, positions 69 – 76 must work extremely hard if they are to make it next year.


L6 Arts

Significant improvement. However there are 3 learners with one point each. They must work very hard to catch up with the rest of the class. Parents please assist before it’s too late.

L6 Commercials

The class is not serious at all save for five learners with 10 points or better. The group is very playful. They love social life more than their books.

L6 Biology

Slight improvement from last term. The class is however encouraged to work very hard in Chemistry and Mathematics.

L6 Physics

Poor performance from the stream. Their performance in actually worrisome. The 5 learners who got zero – 2 points are all boys.

General comment – L6

Their averages are not pleasing at all. Most of them are not focused at all. They have to be pushed for them to study.

The group also tend to prioritise social life than their books. Parents please talk to your children. Next year we will send some of them for home based counselling (14 days) if they do not know why they are at the College.


The College would like to thank Sr. Beauty Machona CJ, the Geography teacher, who has been re-assigned to Midlands Province. She did a lot for the College and we would like to wish her all the best in her new assignment.

Mr Brown, the student teacher from Belvedere Technical Teachers College is also going back to complete his studies. He was teaching Physical Education, Sport and Mass Display. The College would like to wish him all the best in his studies.


The College is working on improving the internet so that all leaners will be allowed to bring their own laptops. Once we are through you will be notified.

Meanwhile the “A” level leaners will be allowed to bring their own laptops from first term 2018.They will have to bring their own dongle. While the college will do its best, it will not be accountable for any damage, theft or loss of the laptops.

There is need for you parents and guardians to talk to your children about the danger of spending time on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube because their performance will decline and might not fulfil their dreams.


The 2018 form 4 learners (current form 3) will be allowed to drop one or two subjects / learning areas next year (2018).However they cannot drop compulsory subjects, that is, Mathematics, Agriculture, Physical Education, Sports and Mass Display, Heritage Studies, General Science, English Language and Shona. There is need to balance the subjects so that your child will have combination at “A” level. It is not every child who is good in science subjects.

The other options are as follows:

  1. History / Family and Religious Studies
  2. Physics/ Biology
  3. Account /TG
  4. Chemistry /Computers
  5. Literature in English / Geography.

Once you agree with your child on the options to drop, if any, you commit in writing to the College. The commitment should be addressed to the Head, and signed by you and your child, phone number and ID number.


Parents and guardians are allowed to visit children on the first Sunday of each month. Normally, it is twice per term. No any other visits are allowed. Any uniform items brought to the College will be left at the boom gate and your child will collect the uniform items from the security guard at the boom gate. You will not be allowed into the school premises. NO FOOD ITEMS WILL BE ALLOWED.

No child will be collected from the school save for medical reasons (production of medical doctor’s appointment) and death of immediate family member.


The College would like to appeal to all parents to participate in all school functions especially AGM, EGM, fundraising activities etc, these should not be left to a few parents.

Please be active participants in the education of your children especially the new/updated curriculum which requires TASKS to be done by your children.


The College has applied to the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education for fees increase as agreed by the parents on 05.11.2017 (EGM). The amount once approved is $100 per term.


The College has been seriously inconvenienced by children who fail to replace lost textbooks. In January 2018, no child will be allowed into the hostels without replacing the textbooks. We expect all the lost textbooks to have been replaced by 31.12.2017. The children have been issued with a list of lost textbooks.


Three of our teachers got awards for being the best in their areas, Mrs Mapanda, A’ Level Biology, Mrs Mugadza, TG O’ Level and Mr Mapfumo , A’ Level Chemistry and for being the best at both district and province.


Third term had limited co-curricular activities due to the public examinations.


The junior team came 2nd at National Level in Gweru. Unfortunately the seniors were eliminated at group stage.


U20 soccer team was eliminated at group stage at provincial level.


The team came 4th at St Georges’ Tournament. Sixteen teams participated. Some of them came as far as South Africa.


Nine of our learners participated in the National Annual Science, Sport and Arts Festival (NASSAF) in Harare from 23 – 28.09.2017. Mashonaland East came 3rd.


  • Cellphones and electrical gadgets are not allowed at the College. We only accept items on the uniform list.
  • No cooked food in hostels
  • Beards are not allowed. Please buy your son a shaving machine.
  • Please replace all torn and overgrown uniform items.
  • Form 5, 6 and some form 4 boys have a habit of tempering around with the grey trousers. The College will not allow such trousers. So please parents, check the trousers before your child comes to school so that you avoid buying another pair of trousers.
  • Office Hours : 0800 – 1630hrs Monday – Friday

Closed on weekends, public holidays and lunch.

            Office lines: 0867004013 /14 and 0774514193


Schools open on 9 January 2018. We expect all learners on Monday 08.01.2018 before 1700hrs. Those who come after 1700hrs will be returned home by the security guard.

We wish you a fruitful holiday with your children. Have a Merry Christmas and a blessed 2018.

Madyangove L.