St Ignatius

Headmaster Desk (Tribute 2 2017)



Dear Parents and Guardians

Warm greetings to you all.

The first term has come to an end. It was a very busy term with the implementation of the new curriculum. It was quite exciting. Both the facilitators and learners have settled well.

The college would like to thank all the parents for paying school fees on time and in full.


There was adequate syllabi coverage for Forms Two, Four and Six. The classes affected are those which implemented the new curriculum that is Forms One, Three and Five. It is our hope that we will do our best during the second term to cover up for the lost ground.


 Form 1

A very impressive start with an overall average of 68.4%.  They should keep on working hard. They have a lot of potential.

Form 2

Their overall average of 67.8% is very encouraging. They need to remain focused.


 Form 3

An impressive start of 63.7%. They are very encouraging. They should continue working hard. They have potential.

Form 4

They are struggling. They need to be focused and concentrate on their work. Their overall average of 57.6% is not encouraging at all. 15 students failed to get an average of 50% or better. The percentage pass rate is 80.5%

Please parents and guardians of the current Form Four learners, do your best to assist. Critically assess your child’s performance and discuss with him. They have to change their attitude towards their school work. If they do not get focused, we might get the worst results in the history of the College.


Lower Six

The group has started well except for four students who have to work very hard to catch up with the rest. They are encouraged not to relax.

However, those who are doing Chemistry must work very hard.

Upper Six

The College expect quality results from the group. They are hardworking and focused. They are encouraged to continue working hard.


There will be consultation for Forms Two, Four and Six on Friday 23 June 2017. Consultation will be in the academic area starting at 0800hrs to 1300hrs.


Our Annual Speech and Prize Day will be held on Sunday 4 June 2017. You are all invited. Please be punctual and support the learners. The programme will start at 1000hrs.


The Ministry of Home Affairs approved our application for the raffle ticket fundraising. The challenge was that, when it was approved the draw date had expired. The draw date was 5 March. We have since reapplied and we hope that the application will be approved during the holiday. The draw date is supposed to be 4 June 2017. Once approved, arrangements will be made for you to collect the tickets for sale. We appeal for your support and cooperation as usual.


The Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education approved a once off fence Levy of $117.30 and T.G. Auto Card Levy of $30.00 per child per term. We have also submitted our application for Agriculture Levy of $20.00 per term per child for all students, form 1-4. This was agreed at our Annual General Meeting which was held on Sunday the 5th of March 2017.


All those who lost textbooks in 2016 and have not replaced them will not be allowed into the hostels. Learners have been issued with a list of lost textbooks.



We are the zonal champions. Sixteen athletes qualified for the provincial competitions hosted by PeterHouse Boys College. Eight proceeded to the Nationals at Lomagundi College. We managed one gold, three silver and four bronze.


The College Junior and Senior Teams qualified for the National Debate Competitions after beating Monte Cassino at provincial level.


The team participated in our gala and came second. We hope to do better during the 3rd term. Our swimming pool would be available for training sessions.


The College would like to thank the Alumni for sponsoring the soccer coach, Mr Eric Aisam and his assistant. Mr Aisam is a former student. The teams are doing very well. They have so far thrashed St John’s College and St Peter Claver in all the age groups.

The College would like to thank Mr William Mandinde, the President of Old Students and his executive. We look forward to an exciting second term.


The College hosted the provincial chess competitions in March. Three students qualified to represent Mashonaland East at the National Youth Chess Championship to be held in Marondera from 6 – 10 April 2017.


The U20 boys’ team participated at the Blue Bay Tournament hosted by Harare Girls High School. The boys came second (silver) out of 16 schools.


The College held a drama festival and came 2nd out of the 4 schools which participated. The Marimba was awarded an honours’ grade at the National Allied Arts at Prince Edward School.

A number of individuals also got honours and first grade in public speaking and poetry at Prince Edward School.


  • All boys will be allowed grey trousers during second term. Replace worn out and overgrown items.
  • Cell phones and electrical gadgets are not allowed at the College. Please check your children’s luggage before they come to the College.
  • No cooked food is allowed in the hostel.
  • Beards are not allowed. Buy your child a shaving machine.
  • Office hours 0800 – 1630hrs. Closed on weekends and public holidays. 


Our children arrive on Monday 8 May 2017. We expect all children to be in hostel by 1730hrs. No one will be served after that since the boom gate will be closed.

The school will provide transport for learners at 1430hrs, corner Herbert Chitepo and Fifth Street.


L. Madyangove


Contact Information

Email:   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Phone; (+263) 867700413/4

Cell: (+263) 712806122