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Prolexic DDoS Mitigation and Protection Service

Prolexic DDoS Mitigation and Protection Service
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Tuesday, 05 January 2016
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stresserWhat is se DDoS attack?

A DDoS attack, also known as no sentido de denial of service attack is an attempt by com destino a computer hacker to permanently or temporarily suspend services to your business host server. This is commonly done by bombarding your server with external, insignificant traffic that is so overwhelming it gets in the way of your business day to day operations.DDoS protection is necessary in todays tech savvy world. Your business information and net function are your most valuable possessions so why not chose to protect them with the world's largest and most widely trusted mitigation and DDoS protection provider.

Why chose Prolexic?
Constant expansion and research- Prolexic gives users service that they can rely disponível. Business owners can trust Prolexic to stay at the forefront of development by providing advanced patent pending DDoS combat.

Global network of scrubbing centers- Prolexic has autor network of dispersed scrubbing centers in San Jose, California, London, Ashburn, Virginia and Hong Kong. Because of Prolexics dispersed and expansive bandwidth they are capable of supporting service and protection to multiple clients at once even in the instance of several simultaneous attacks.

Expansive capacity- Size plays para big role in the ability to absorb attacks. Globally, Prolexic has the largest mitigation network to absorb the biggest attacks.Prolexic DDoS mitigation and protection platform is more than three times bigger that their nearest competitors. That provides you with an overwhelming advantage in terms of support.

stresserUnmatched experience- It is safe to say that with the largest cloud based mitigation network in the world,Prolexic, has discovered and absorbed more attacks than any other provider. This measurable experience is something business owners can trust.

Security Operation Centers- The Prolexic team is available to you and your business around the clock. Prolexics knowledgeable engineers are available to trouble shoot attacks in minutes and are always available to answer your questions and address concerns. Prolexics SOC engineers take pride in providing subscribers with the real time service and human hands em conexão expertise that is necessary to defend against the most advanced attacks.

At FastBlue Networks we know that protecting your business from DDoS attacks is por high priority. We believe in providing customers with background information they can trust. We are available 24 hours se day 7 days se week to discuss with you your protection options. We highly recommend that you consider trusting the brand that the worlds most successful best booter businesses trust most to protect themselves against DDoS attacks. Please do not hesitate to contact us today to discuss your options and to receive no sentido de price quote.
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