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BBC website crashes after DDoS hack attack

BBC website crashes after DDoS hack attack
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Tuesday, 05 January 2016
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Doug Pensinger/Getty ImagesThe BBC sítio eletrônico collapsed under the strain of the attack.

ip booterThe BBC's websites were unavailable for part of Thursday morning - and BBC journalists say it was due to an attack by hackers.
The British broadcasting company was apparently subjected to ao preço de DDoS ("Dedicated Denial of Service") attack. This involves flooding autor conjunto de páginas da Internet or server with malicious traffic, crashing it under the load.
With access to the right tools, it's e fairly simple attack to carry out, and requires little technical expertise. DDoS "stresser" tools are even available em linha that anyone can use for para fee.

Thursday's DDoS attack took down the BBC homepage and its disponível-demand streaming service iPlayer, The Guardian reported. The outage occured between 7AM and 10.30AM, according to the BBC.
The BBC is reporting that the downtime was the result of the "large rede attack" - although it bizarrely also says the "BBC has yet to confirm or deny that such an attack was responsible for the problems."
On Twitter, BBC technology journalist Rory Cellan-Jones has also blamed caso DDoS attack, citing unnamed "sources."

Sources - BBC suffered a DdOS - e distributed denial of service attack. But services are now being restored
- Rory Cellan-Jones (@ruskin147) December 31, 2015
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