St Ignatius

Mr Chikaura

20180713 111124Mr Chikaura Norman, is a Mathematics teacher who joined the college this year. He teaches Pure Mathematics, Statistics and Mechanics. He attained a Diploma in Education at Belvedere Teachers College and a Bsc(hons) in Mathematics from Bindura. He is a chess, hockey and soccer fanatic, he also enjoys travelling  and is currently studying Masters in Applied Mathematical Modelling at NUST. Favourite quote - "Do not chase success, follow excellence and success will choose you".

Mr Simukai Shayawabaya

A father of three, Mr Simukai Shayawabaya graduated from the University of Zimbabwe with an Honours in English Degree. He  also  holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Education (MSU). Apart from being a very passionate and avid follower of literary publications, he is also a keen football and rugby analyst. His portfolio at St Ignatius includes Head Of Department for Languages, teacher in charge of Volleyball as well as teacher in charge of debate.

Mr Lawrence Madyangove

Mr Lawrence Madyangove is the Headmaster of St Ignatius College. He teaches Education for Living. He is also a history teacher and author. He enjoys watching ball games, athletics and cultural activities. He is married to Tracy and has two daughters and a son. He holds a BA from the University of Zimbabwe, Grad CE – UZ, Dip Ed – UZ, IPMZ and a Higher National Diploma in Human Resources Management (IPMZ). As a team player, his goal is to educate leaders in service. Mr Madyangove has been at the helm of the college since 2006.

Mr MacDonald Muchanja

Mr MacDonald Muchanja teaches A’ level Maths, Further Mathematics, Additional Mathematics and Statistics. He enjoys solving mathematical problems. He holds a BSc and Education Degree in Mathematics (Cuba) and is is an author and editor in the same field. Mr Muchanja is married and has two sons and a daughter. He is the Head of Department for Mathematics & Commercial subjects as well as Teacher In Charge of Rugby.

Mrs Petronella Matizha

 matizhaMrs P. Matizha is the college's bursar.

Mr. Tafadzwa Mupinda (Accounts Clerck)

mupinda2Mr. Tafadzwa Prince Mupinda is the College Accounts Clerck. He is a gradCIS (full CIS), who has been with the college since 2012. He is married to Chengetai and together have  a son and a daughter. Mr Mupinda is a devoted Catholic who loves to serve the Lord  and spend time with family and friends.

Mr Hamilton Maganga

Mr Hamilton Maganga is a jovial man. He holds a BSc Special Honours degree in Physics (UZ) and a Licentiate in Education Degree (Physics and Astronomy) from Cuba. He teaches Physics up to A’level, Integrated Science and Mathematics up to 'O’ Level. He is the Senior Master and Hostel Master for Middle House. He is also a member of the Procurement and Ethos committees. He is married and has four children. A fitness enthusiast, Mr Maganga loves playing chess in his spare time. His motto is 'Don’t despair, challenges are steps to success'.

Sister Caroline Shonhiwa

Sister Caroline Shonhiwa is a member of the Congregatio Jesu (Mary Ward Sisters) of the Catholic Church . She teaches A’level History and O’level Shona. She holds an Honours Bachelor of Arts in African Languages. She is in charge of Mary Ward Hostel. She enjoys listening to gospel music, reading and cooking. Her inspirational phrase is, “it is an honour to work for God”.

Mrs Mildred Sithole

Mrs Mildred Sithole (nee Mandianike)  holds a BA General Degree and a Grad CE from the University of Zimbabwe. She teaches  English Language, Literature in English and Shona. Her areas of special responsibility are T.I.C. Netball, Youth Against Aids patroness and  Debate adjudicator. She is married and has 4 children and a grand daughter. The languages mentor enjoys travelling, reading & sharing humour  and time with family.

Mr Oliver Musendami

Oliver Musendami is a vibrant physics teacher. He holds a BSc Physics (Hons) degree from Havana, Cuba. He coaches Handball and Swimming and enjoys comedies. He is married to a lovely wife and has three children, a boy and two girls. He also enjoys target shooting. His favourite verse is 1 Corinthians 1 verse 18, “For the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing but to us who are being saved it is the power of God”.

Mr Shingirai Rondozai

Mr Shingirai Rondozai teaches Agriculture, Religious Studies, English language at Ordinary Level and Literature at Advanced Level.  He holds a BA General degree from the University of Zimbabwe and a Graduate Certificate in Education from the same institution. He is H.O.D. Family and Religious Studies, assistant Senior House hostel master as well as Teacher In Charge of Quiz.He is married to a loving wife, Nyaradzo, and has two lovely sons. He loves football and is a holder of  level 1 soccer coaching certificate.

Mrs Elizabeth Mutereko

Mrs Elizabeth Mutereko is a Shona and History teacher. She is currently teaching ZJC and O’ Level Shona. She holds a Bachelor of Arts General degree in Shona, History and Theatre Arts from the University of Zimbabwe. She is the Head of Department for Arts and Culture. She enjoys music and playing table tennis. She has two children, a boy and a girl.

Mr Liviot Mapfumo

Mr Liviot Mapfumo is a humourous  chemistry teacher. He holds a Licentiate in Education Degree in Chemistry from Jose Varon Institute in Cuba. He is the school Chess patron who has sent representatives to Romania, Greece and Dubai. He is a father of four - three girls and one boy. He is talented in Volleyball and Chess. His favourite meal is spaghetti with cabbage.

Mrs Lizie Gumbo

Mrs Lizie Gumbo teaches History at ‘O’ and ‘A’ level. She holds a BA General degree and a Grad CE (UZ). She is a member of the college special choir and is the teacher in charge of the Senior Debate and Public Speaking teams. She attends Sunday mass at Chishawasha Regional Seminary and is a member of St Anne Guild. She is a mother of two girls and one boy. She likes googling which has earned her the nickname “Mrs Google”. She also enjoys travelling. Her favourite bible verse is Psalm 23 verse 1-6, “The Lord is my Shephered...”

Mrs Tsitsi Kundiwona

Mrs Tsitsi Kundiwona is a passionate teacher. She teaches Geography up to A’level and History up to O’level. She likes watching T.V and listening to gospel music. She is married and has three sons. She is the teacher in charge of Hockey and also assists in the Environmental club. She is a holder of a Masters Degree in Development Studies. Her favourite bible verse is, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”.

Mr Itai Dube

Mr Itai Dube is a hardworking teacher. He teaches Biology up to A level and is comfortable with any science subject up to O’ Level. He coaches Athletics, Basketball and Netball. He holds a Licentiate Degree in Biology from Enrique Jose Varoncy, Cuba. He is married to a loving wife and blessed with two sons, Kindelan and Kaylan. He encourages people to read 2 Corinthians 3:1, his favourite bible verse.

Mrs Precious Zaranyika

Mrs Precious Zaranyika is the head of the Ethos committee. She teaches Computers and Accounts. She likes listening to gospel music and watching athletics. She holds an Informatics degree with UNISA, a Diploma in Education, a Diploma in Computer studies and a Diploma in Pastoral Studies. She is currently studying towards an honours degree in Business Management. She is married to Rufaro and they are blessed with two children, a boy and a girl.

Mr Tarirai Mukuze

Mr Tarirai Mukuze teaches Accounting up to A’ level. A soft-spoken gentleman, the accounting guru holds a degree in Business studies and is an ACCA graduate. A keen sportsman, Mr Mukuze is the current Stigs Sports Director. He is married and has a son and a daughter.

Mrs Rosewinter Mugadza

Mrs Rosewinter Mugadza teaches Technical Graphics and Design & Technology up to A level. She also teaches Art and ZJC Maths. She holds a Bachelor of Technical Education Honours in Construction and Civil Engineering, a Graduate Diploma in Education and a Diploma in Systemic Counselling. She is married and blessed with two boys. Outside the classroom, she coaches Basketball and is the Teacher in Charge of Interact club. Besides, she is responsible for Schools' Twinning Program. Sewing and baking are her hobbies.

Mrs Anna Mapanda

Mrs Anna Mapanda is a hard-working teacher. She teaches ZTC General Science and Biology up to A’level. She holds a BSc General Degree in Biology and Geography from the University of Zimbabwe. She likes fishing. She is married and has three children, two boys and a girl. Her favourite bible verse is Psalm 23 verse 1 – The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want. She is the teacher in charge of the Environmental club and handball.

Mr Lazarus Chitura

A Business studies/Accounting teacher, Lazarus Chitura is also into  Mathematics, in the which learning area he doubles as an author. He holds a BSc Honours Degree in Economics(1996) and a Graduate Certificate in Education(1999), both from the University of Zimbabwe. He is married and has four children; three boys and a girl. Outside the classroom, the commercial subjects mwalimu is Teacher in Charge of Hockey, coaches discus, plays chess and is a cryptic puzzle fanatic.

Mr Love Chamisa Mugota

Mr Lovemore Chamisa Mugota, affectionately known as 'Chole-Chole' is the Head of Department for Sciences. He teaches Integrated Science and Chemistry up to A level. He holds a BSc General Degree (Maths and Chemistry), a Post Graduate Diploma in Education and a level one soccer certificate. He is the gentleman in charge of soccer and is a brilliant chess player. He is married to Venencia and they are blessed with three children. He is also in love with the Lord Jesus.