St Ignatius

Vision , Mission & Values

Vision Statement
We are a Catholic Jesuit School, committed to an integral, personal oriented education which will benefit the individual as well as society. Our life and activities are inspired by Christian faith and values. We create a community that is participative and dedicated to a common good.

Mission Statement
In support of our common vision, we are committed to:

  • Active participation in religious and spiritual activities which deepen our faith and commitment, fostering Christ’s values especially love, compassion, honesty, humility, service, justice, and respect for people, property and environment, in order to become people for others. 
  • Promoting moral responsibility and social awareness, pursuing excellence in all areas, academic and non-academic, forming creating students capable of critical thinking, who have the skills to contribute effectively to the development and growth of society. 
  • Building a community which involves everyone in the development of its goals and their implementation, with regular communication between all.

Core – Values
The main core-values that best describe St. Ignatius community are Excellence, Teamwork, Responsibility, Respect, Integrity, Compassion, Care and Fairness. We recognise the importance of these core-values because they represent the aspirations and beliefs of our community as a whole.