by Tendai Sahondo
Hundreds of Grade 7 learners from across the country have thronged St Ignatius College for crucial Form 1 entrance tests that will determine the next generation of Ignitians, come 2023.
The leaners that were drawn from various Primary Schools had their knowledge tested on English and Mathematics, with only the best candidates to be offered a place at the institution.
Demand for places at the College has continued to soar owing to a perennial legacy of excellence. Notably, St Ignatius College has become synonymous with the development of intellectually distinguished and morally courageous leaders that compassionately serve others in varying fields.
Students that took the tests expressed different sentiments over the exams but all hoped to earn a form 1 place in the coming year.
“The tests were fair, however I found the Mathematics exam quite challenging,” said one jubilant pupil. “It was easy, chipped in another, I just hope to get a place here because it is a great school,” he added.
Parents chatted away in the school grounds as they patiently waited for the leaners to complete the tests with some seizing the opportunity to enjoy a few drinks with the delicate accompaniment of BBQ.

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