2023 Speech and Prize Giving Day

by Carlo Chikomba

The College held its Annual Speech and Price Giving Day on Friday. This was a day where the College recognized and honored the exceptional achievements of our outstanding students, who had excelled in their academic endeavors, extra-curricular activities, and demonstrated exceptional character throughout the year.

The College Headmaster, Mr. Maganga, kicked off the proceedings for the day by welcoming the audience to one of the most anticipated events of the day. The headmaster emphasized the school’s commitment to molding learners into men and women who are highly competent individuals ready to make positive contributions and excel in the world.

Our guest of honor was Mr. Host Mapondera, the CEO of Lake Harvest Group and proud Alumni of the College. During his speech, Mr. Mapondera encouraged the learners to keep striving for excellence and follow their dreams with relentless pursuit. He also urged parents to support their children in their preferred career choices while stating that all career paths are equally important be it in the medical field, engineering, business, or arts-related field.

After the speech by Mr. Mapondera, the atmosphere shifted into one of joy and jubilation as the parents ululated and clapped for their children who were being awarded for their excellence. On the whole, it was an eventful day as elated parents rejoiced with their children who had performed admirably well throughout the year.

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