Home Chaplaincy
by stigs.admin

Fr Julio

We are an Ignatian enterprise which means that everything we do is ad maiorem Dei gloriam (to the greater glory of God) and we are men and women committed to the service of God through his other children wherever they may be who are our brothers and sisters. The chaplaincy tries to pump this message to all parts of the body of the school and thus bring them to life with an Ignatian spirit. The chaplaincy is the affective life of the school.

The school body has many different members, but they all need to work together for the same end if the Ignatian educational project is to succeed. The chaplaincy is therefore concerned with all those who are members of the college family. These are in addition to the students the parents, the staff both academic and non-academic, the governors and advisory boards and the past pupils.

The school does not exist in isolation. In particular it networks with other Ignatian institutions from whom it draws strength to facilitate common enterprises. It operates within a network of Catholic, Christian and non-Christian institutions to promote a world where all are considered brothers and sisters.

The school also challenges in its own right the worldly values of the society in which it exists and prepares its students to be committed to the common good and all that this entails. As a Catholic and Christian school it endeavours to do this by promoting its own values while recognizing and supporting other groups who also promote the common good.


  1. The chaplaincy oversees the teaching of Religious Education within the school.
  2. The chaplaincy oversees church services at the school.
  3. The chaplaincy arranges programs to promote the Ignatian ethos at all levels in the school body.
  4. The chaplaincy provides counselling services.
  5. The chaplaincy arranges opportunity for service projects for students.
  6. The chaplaincy encourages clubs that promote the Ignatian ethos.
  7. The chaplaincy networks with other Ignatian groups outside the school.

The Responsible Authority is the primary director, but it incorporates into the team all those who share its vision for the school.

As a faith based community, we strive to live and exemplify the life of Christ that permeates the entire enterprise of our school.