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St Ignatius College is a private high school run by the Jesuits of the Roman Catholic Church. The college offers education for boys in forms 1 to 6 and girls in forms 5 and 6. The College offers Cambridge Syllabus at all levels.

St Ignatius College has a proud and illustrious academic record. The pass rate averages 98% plus. It is one of the schools with the highest proportion of students entering the faculties of Medicine, Pharmacy, Engineering and Actuarial Science in Zimbabwe.

All the boys use the main dining hall while the girls have their meals at Maryward house except for the school lunches. The teaching staff is highly qualified and of proven competences. The non-teaching staff is also diligent in ensuring the general upkeep of the school.

Religious Education, History, Geography, General Science, Accounts, Mathematics, Technical Graphics, English language, Shona and Computers

Religious Education, History, Geography, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Principles Accounts, Mathematics, Technical Graphics, English language and Shona

Arts subjects include Literature in English
Commercials include Business Studies, Accounting and Mathematics
Sciences include Maths, Chemistry and Physics or Biology

The college has well-maintained play fields. A wide variety of sports are offered and these include rugby, volleyball, hockey, soccer, basketball, athletics and swimming. Pupils are also involved in many clubs and social activities. These include quiz, drama, interact, First Aid, Library, Debate and Art. It is compulsory for every pupil to participate in at least one sport and one club each term.

Religious Education is a compulsory subject to all forms. The college has thriving careers guidance and counselling service. Pupils have formal classes for these issues. There is also provision for individual attention for personal growth matters.

While classroom teaching is compliant with te objectives of the national curriculum, the search for excellence and depth in teaching and learning is shaped by a Catholic vision of life. The school strives to be relevant to and welcoming to all persons, irrespective of race, culture or religion. It welcomes teachers, parents and learners who may not be Catholic but who respect the Catholic ethos and seek its values. A student who has passed through St Ignatius College should have acquired the following 4Cs: Competence, Compassion, Conscience, and Commitment.