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If you are already familiar with the portal, please proceed to Login. If not, please read through the help guide below.

1. Parents Login

To login click on the “Log in” link above.

  • On the Login page, enter your username and password to login.
  • If you have forgotten your password, follow the “Don’t know your password link?” to reset your password. Enter your username and click “submit”. A new password will be sent to your email that you provided to the school on the application forms. Check your spam/junk folder is the email is not in your inbox

N.B. If you put a wrong password three times, your account will be locked.

2. Home Page

  • The first page is your Home page, on which the school can post messages.
  • There is also a “Change password” link, to change your password if you wish.

3. My parent profile

  • Displays the parent’s personal details as well as a list of their children. Each child has a green infoView icon on the right-hand side.
  • learners who are not on the register due to payment issues display “Payment pending” instead of the View icon.
  • The green View info icon next to the child details opens the learner’s profile.

4. Learner’s Profile

  • At the top, are several tabs (under the learner’s profile) which include the following:

a. Personal – displays the personal details of the learner.

b. Subjects – displays a list of the subjects that the learner is currently studying at the school, including the name of the teacher.

c. Attendance – displays the learner’s attendance register.

d. Homework – displays a list of the learner’s upcoming and past homework assignments.

e. Mark book – displays a list of the learner’s upcoming and past assessments and exams. Please note that you have to untick/uncheck the “upcoming only” option.

f. Credits – displays a list of the learner’s credits.

g. Demerits – displays a list of the learner’s demerits and merits.

h. Reports – displays a list of the learner’s reports in PDF format which parents can download by clicking the View icon info .

i. Library – displays a list of the learner’s current and past library loans.

To know more about Senatical’s school administration software, please visit Senatical’s website.