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Athletics is a collection of sporting events that include marathon, track events, short put, javelin, high jump, long jump, triple jump and discuss. It is in season during first term. It arouses a lot of competition among the students especially during inter-house competitions. The teacher in charge is Mr Rondozai.


Basketball is one of the most successful sports at the college. The basketball team has seen some of its players represent the nation. The team participates in various tournaments and is in season during first and third term. Patrons are Mrs Mugadza and Mr Dube.

Rugby (The Hounds)

It is one of the most revered sports at the college despite the fact that players are prone to a lot of injuries. The rugby team calls itself the ‘Hounds’ and it participates in the annual Dairiboard festival  held during the April holidays.  Rugby is in season during second term. The patron is Mr Shayawabaya.


Chess is a game which promotes mental development and is enjoyed by both the young and old across nations. It is one of the most accomplished sports at St Ignatius College, producing some of the best young players in the country. Representatives have competed regionally in countries like South Africa and Egypt as well as internationally in countries like Greece and Romania. Chess is in season all year round. Teachers in charge are Mr Mapfumo and Mr Wabai.

Soccer (The Leopards)

Soccer is one of the oldest and most liked sport not only in the school but in the world at large. It usually captivates a large audience when it is in season during second and third term at the college. Talent of players has enabled them to get sponsorship from Twalumba and gain entry into the Twalumba league. There are 4 soccer teams affectionately known as the ‘Leopards’. The teacher in charge is Mr Mugota and coach is Mr Rondozai.

Field Hockey

There are various forms of the game but all are played with hockey sticks and a ball. The various forms include field hockey, ice hockey, roller hockey and so on. Students at St Ignatius take part in field hockey which is played on natural grass. The patrons are Mrs Kundiwona and Mr Chitura.

Swimming (The Seals)

A water-based sport, swimming exercises the whole body. It is in season during first and third term. Schools participate in either division A or division B where division A has the best swimmers. The school team calls itself the ‘Seals’ . It has competed several times in division A but is currently participating in division B after being relegated in 2013. Teachers in charge are Mr Msendami assisted by Mrs Zaranyika.


The sport was introduced in the school in 2011 and from the onset, it has proved to be a great threat to opponents from various schools. Handball is in season during second term and has two teams. Teachers in charge are Mrs Mapanda assisted by Mr Msendami.

Volleyball (The Jumpers)

The school volleyball team known as the ‘Jumpers’ have made the school proud from time immemorial. The jumpers have achieved great success and recognition nationwide. In 2012, they qualified to represent Zimbabwe in Burkina Faso after assuming the position of national champion. Volley is in season during second and third term. The patron is Mr Mukuze


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